Human Skull Lapel Pin


  • Human Skull Lapel Pin
  • 0.8901 in X 0.955 in X 0.125 in
  • Made of Maple Ply
  • 10mm Tie Tack with Butterfly Clutch Back
  • Made in the USA
  • Life’s true face is the skull.

For safety reasons, do not wear during activities that could result in the pin being pushed into your body.


Why a Skull lapel Pin you ask? Memento Mori, or “Remember Death” It’s an old Latin phrase that serves to remind us that our time in life is finite. That these worldly possessions and material concepts aren’t eternal. The phrase has remained true to modern times, though you may have heard it’s more modern iteration “Ya can’t take it with ya!” Or maybe you just like skulls…Either way, this Skull Lapel Pin is for you!


***Note: This Lapel Pin Is NOT Made Of Actual Bone…Sorry!***


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