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How-To Use Magnets On The Glowforge Cutting Bed

Keeping light-weight material on your Glowforge, or another laser cutter, the cutting bed can be a pain in the ass. So what can be done about it? A lot actually. Some people use small weights. Others use clips that clip into the hex grid of the Glowforge laser cutter. I prefer to use some powerful magnets from old (dead) hard drives. Combine them with a little bit of scrap acrylic and you’ve got a nice custom solution to help you keep your laser material in check.

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Felicia Day at Denver Comic Con 2017

Felicia Day at Denver Comic Con 2017 Blog Post Header

Felicia Day, geek mom came to the mile high city and answered audience questions at Denver Comic Con 2017. During her 45min panel at Denver Comic Con 2017, Felicia Day regaled audience members with stories of what it’s like being a mom, crazy fan encounters, details of being on sets, and other geeky stories. Below is a transcription of her panel from Saturday, July 1, 2017. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Love (Con)nection at Comic Con

Imagine a room full 140 people all looking to meet someone that they can connect with. Here’s the caveat, you only have 3 minutes to make that all important first impression before you move on and get to try all over again. That’s speed dating. So what is Sci-Fi Speed Dating? Those 140 people I mentioned? They’re all at Denver Comic Con 2017. Most if not all are in cosplay in one form or another. It’s a surreal event to see Tracer from Overwatch talking to Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. It happened, I promise. There seems to be a stigma associated with speed dating, that it is somehow a bad thing for people who have a hard time meeting others to get together in a format like this and try and make a connection. Why is that so bad? Answer: It isn’t. It’s actually kind of liberating in this environment. At least that’s what showrunner Ryan Glitch wants people to know.

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Get The Newest Pins For Less

Get The Newest Pins For Less

Find out how you can save money with presales!

Presales are a way to gauge interest in new pins/subject matter. They are also a great way for you to get the latest PopCultPin at a discounted rate! I use a mock up of what the new pin will look like to show anyone looking what the pin will look like, without spending the time and material to make one to begin with. Then I put the design up for sale at a discount to see if people want the pin made. If I get orders on the presale,then I make the pins. Once made and ready to ship, I snap pictures for my store(s) and take the pin out of presale and sell it at the normal price.

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Happy Holidays!

I’m takin the #TARDIS and I’m outta here! For a short while anyway! Have a happy and safe holiday season! I will be spending Friday, December 18–Monday, December 28th with family. Any orders placed during that time will be processed after I return. 2016 is going to be great! I have some big things planned and cannot wait to roll them out! Thank you for coming along with me on this awesome ride!

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Black Friday Sale

Save 33% on any pin in my store!

Black Friday is the time of year that retailers across the nation drop “door buster” deals, and people camp out for discounted tvs, gaming systems, toys and more. Well, if it’s good enough for the big box stores, it’s good enough for me! So check it out, starting Friday, you can use the coupon code “000000” and save 33% off all of my pins! That’s $5 off each and every pin! And still get $6 flat rate shipping!

Use code 000000 at checkout for 33% off

Why six zeros for a coupon code?! It’s the hex code for black used in code and design. I know, but what would you expect from a geek like me. Plus, it fit the whole “Black” Friday through “Cyber” Monday time frame. So hurry, needless to say this is a limited time offer. Get over to my online shop now or check out my Etsy shop! Same code works on Etsy, but remember this offer expires Tuesday! Just note, my Etsy shop has a smaller selection at the moment.

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Putting an Old Twist on Challenge Coins.

Challenge coins are full of history. Could they be in your future?

Challenge coins have a long history. Their origins are linked to the first World War, they continue to be used to this day. Traditionally, challenge coins are made of metal and sometimes include enamel or other forms of paint in their designs. PopCultPins challenge coins are made from all natural wood, are laser engraved and cut. Reminiscent of old wooden nickels, PopCultPins challenge coins make a great personal gift or corporate morale booster.

The fine folks at CoinDisplays has an awesome write up about the possible origins of challenge coins. The short of it is that it all began with World War I and a pilot who wanted to present his squadron with a gift. The gift ended up saving one of the pilot’s life. After being shot down, behind enemy lines, the pilot was able to make it to ally’s but unable to communicate, the coin was the only thing to prove his allegiance. Since then, challenge coins have been presented during both times of war and times of peace.

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