Zombie Lapel Pin – Glenn


  • Zombie Lapel Pin
  • 0.7342” x 0.955” x 0.125” – Approximately the size of a US Quarter
  • Made of Bamboo Veneer
  • 10mm Brass Tie Tacks w/Clutch
  • Made in the USA
  • You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry…
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(Spoiler Alert) Making a Zombie lapel pin with blunt force trauma to the head and naming it Glenn…might be hitting the nail a little too much on the head. (/StopsBeatingADeadHorse) See what I did there? I did it anyways! Inktober Pin No. 3 is Glenn! An adorable little zombie lapel pin that you don’t have to ask what’s on his mind, cause you can see it! These pins are new for 2018, and no one else has them. Get them today and rock your Halloween spirit all year long!


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