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Felicia Day at Denver Comic Con 2017

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Felicia Day, geek mom came to the mile high city and answered audience questions at Denver Comic Con 2017. During her 45min panel at Denver Comic Con 2017, Felicia Day regaled audience members with stories of what it’s like being a mom, crazy fan encounters, details of being on sets, and other geeky stories. Below is a transcription of her panel from Saturday, July 1, 2017. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Love (Con)nection at Comic Con

Imagine a room full 140 people all looking to meet someone that they can connect with. Here’s the caveat, you only have 3 minutes to make that all important first impression before you move on and get to try all over again. That’s speed dating. So what is Sci-Fi Speed Dating? Those 140 people I mentioned? They’re all at Denver Comic Con 2017. Most if not all are in cosplay in one form or another. It’s a surreal event to see Tracer from Overwatch talking to Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. It happened, I promise. There seems to be a stigma associated with speed dating, that it is somehow a bad thing for people who have a hard time meeting others to get together in a format like this and try and make a connection. Why is that so bad? Answer: It isn’t. It’s actually kind of liberating in this environment. At least that’s what showrunner Ryan Glitch wants people to know.

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