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Black Friday Sale

Save 33% on any pin in my store!

Black Friday is┬áthe time of year that retailers across the nation drop “door buster” deals, and people camp out for discounted tvs, gaming systems, toys and more. Well, if it’s good enough for the big box stores, it’s good enough for me! So check it out, starting Friday, you can use the coupon code “000000” and save 33% off all of my pins! That’s $5 off each and every pin! And still get $6 flat rate shipping!

Use code 000000 at checkout for 33% off

Why six zeros for a coupon code?! It’s the hex code for black used in code and design. I know, but what would you expect from a geek like me. Plus, it fit the whole “Black” Friday through “Cyber” Monday time frame. So hurry, needless to say this is a limited time offer. Get over to my online shop now or check out my Etsy shop! Same code works on Etsy, but remember this offer expires Tuesday! Just note, my Etsy shop has a smaller selection at the moment.