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Pintober 2018

What is Inktober?

An Illustrator and cartoonist by the name of Jake Parker started a month-long drawing challenge to improve his inking skills. He would ink a new illustration every day of October. All 31 days of it!

What started off with one person’s desire to become a better inker has blown up to become a global event in the creative community.

Tens of thousands of people participate every year.

Jake Parker, YouTube Sep. 14, 2017

It’s like #Inktober…for lapel pins.

What’s Pintober?

Like Jake put it, participating in this 31-day challenge is simple but it’s hard.

So…basically. I need to put up/come up with 31 new…or previously not for sale pins or products and put them on either my Etsy store or my e-commerce page…this website.

Why am I doing this?

It is HARD keeping up an e-commerce page. Like REALLY HARD, and I’ve been slacking a lot here recently. However, since we moved to Omaha a couple of months ago, I’ve had…let’s just say “more” free time on my hands.

There is a lot to this whole e-commerce page thing. You have to make the product, make up all of the product info like SKUs, prices, sales if any, copywrite the product descriptions, take good-looking photos, and get it all into Etsy or WordPress…or both.

Since I love making these things and talking to my fellow geeks, I figured, why the hell not. I’ll give it a shot. I’m also hoping this will help me get outta the funk I have found myself in. Like I said earlier, it ain’t gonna be easy…and it may not be too pretty.

My camera just died, bad motherboard, found out last week. It will be missed. So I’m going to be using my iPhone for the photography all over this. With any luck, maybe I can drum up enough sales to buy a new camera and keep the momentum going.

Let’s Get Started!

I’m going to try and keep this blog post up-to-date with all the Pintober pins/products. Hopefully, that will get me more experienced with WordPress too while I’m at it!

Time flies when you’re multitasking.

–Bert McCoy

Pintober No. 1 – Zombie Lapel Pin – Baldy

I love me some The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. I like zombies in general. So I think my first few Pintobers are going to be ZOMBIES!

This guy I simply call…Baldy. Not overly imaginative, I know, but it’s a start. Trust me the next few will be better. You can purchase Badly in my store.

Pintober No. 2 – Zombie Lapel Pin – Eugene

If you slap a mullet on a zombie, you gotta call it Eugene. I mean, it’s like a rule by now isn’t it?

Pintober No. 3 – Zombie Lapel Pin – Glenn

Yeah, I think I hit the nail on the head when I named this Zombie lapel pin “Glenn”…see what I did there? #DadPuns

Pintober No. 4 – Zombie Lapel Pin – Mac

His face might look like cheese, but don’t be grabbing the spoon when you see Mac!

Zombie Lapel Pin - Mac

Pintober No. 5 – Zombie Lapel Pin – Marshall

Just your average zombie looking for a dinner date with a good head on their shoulders. Must enjoy long walks, quiet evenings, hate fire and sticks.

Zombie Lapel Pin - Marshall

Pintober No. 6 – Tentacle Lapel Pin

These poor unfortunate souls! So sad, so true. They come flocking to my cauldron .Crying, “Spells, Ursula, please!” And I help them… Yes I do

Tentacle Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 7 – Jolly Roger Pirate Lapel Pin

Avast you skallywag or you’ll be finding yerself scrubbing the poop deck! Yarr! Pirates always be after the booty! New pirate flag inspired lapel pin for Pintober 2018!

Jolly Roger Pirate Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 8 – Venom Lapel Pin

He might save you, he might eat you…He’s Venom! 

Venom Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 9 – Spidey Lapel Pin

Spidey pin, does whatever a Spidey can? 

Spidey Lapel Pin Spider-Man

Pintober No. 10 – Jack-O-Lantern Lapel Pin

Pumpkin spice NOT included!

Jack-O-Lantern Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 11 – Rocket Raccoon Tie Clip

Don’t call me a raccoon, puppy, fox, a triangle faced monkey…or trash panda!

Rocket Raccoon Tie Clip Tie Pin

Pintober No. 12 – Hockey Mask Lapel Pin

F.O.I.F. the 13th…okay, maybe not, but maybe stay outta the water and keep your clothes on while wearing this Hockey Mask Lapel Pin, huh? That’s a good boy!

Hockey Mask Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 13 – Diving Helmet Lapel Pin

Like…there’s a ghost behind me isn’t there scoob?! No it’s not Captain Cutler’s ghost, but it IS a Diving helmet lapel pin!

Diving Helmet Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 14 – Piece of Cake Lapel Pin (Happy National Dessert Day)

This Piece of Cake lapel pin is approximately the size of a US quarter, made of Maple wood with a metal pin back and clutch. What’s your favorite kind of cake? Mine is marble!

Piece of Cake Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 15 – Jack Skellington Lapel Pin

All hail the Pumpkin King! This Jack Skellington Lapel Pin turned out pretty good, I’m quite happy with it’s likeness.

Jack Skellington Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 16 – Mister Oogie Boogie Lapel Pin

Well, well, well…what have we here? Made of maple wood, approximately the same size as a US quarter. This lapel pin features the boogeyman’s silhouette against the moon.

Mister Oogie Boogie Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 17 – Human Skull Lapel Pin

A Human Skull Lapel Pin approximately the size of a US quarter and made of maple wood ply. Add a sense of the macabre to any outfit, hat, backpack and more.

Human Skull lapel Pin

Pintober No. 18 – Video Game Controller Lapel Pin

This Video Game Controller lapel pin is made of maple wood ply and is approximately the size of a US quarter. Inspired by the design of the XBox One.

Video Game Controller Lapel Pin (Inspired by XBox One)

Pintober No. 19 – Hearthstone Lapel Pin

Home is where your Hearthstone Lapel Pin is set to! Am I right?

Hearthstone Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 20 – Penrose Triangle

Sometimes called the “Impossible Triangle” or the “Impossible Tribar” it’s an object that couldn’t exist in real life.

Penrose Triangle Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 21 – No Face Lapel Pin

Least this one shouldn’t try to eat you!

No Face Lapel Pin Spirited Away

Pintober No. 22 – Retro Brick Space Force Lapel Pin

Say it with me now…SPACESHIP!!!

Retro Brick Space Force Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 23 – Minecraft Creeper Lapel Pin

This Minecraft Creeper Lapel Pin shouldn’t blow up your stuff, though stranger things have happened…

Minecraft Creeper Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 24 – Optimus Prime Lapel Pin

If you didn’t cry a little when Optimus Prime died in the 1980’s animated movie it’s cause you were already dead inside. 🙁

Optimus Prime Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 25 – Super Mario Lapel Pin

Sorry Mario, but our Princess is in another castle!

Super Mario Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 26 – SNES Controller

Now you’re playing with itty bitty wood power!

SNES Controller Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 27 – Autobot Lapel Pin

Autobots…Roll Out!

Autobots Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 28 – Decepticon Lapel Pin

You cannot appreciate the light without the darkness. Plus, bad guys do have more fun!

Decepticon Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 29 – Fortnite Lapel Pin

Don’t get caught by the storm!

Fortnite Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 30 – Robot Lapel Pin

This robot lapel pin is 3 laws safe.

Robot Lapel Pin

Pintober No. 31 – Alliance Shield Lapel Pin

For the Alliance!

World of Warcraft Alliance Shield Lapel Pin

This project wouldn’t be possible without the use of my Glowforge 3D Laser Printer. Making magical things happen at the push of a button. Did you know you could save up to $500 off the cost of your very own Glowforge 3d Laser Printer today?!

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