Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the pins made out of real wood?

    • Yes.
  • Are they varnished or clear coated?

    • No, all the pins are unfinished wood. Adding a varnish would increase the cost of each pin and with so many different varnishes available, I’d rather let whoever buys a pin clear coat it.
  • What’s that smell? Is something burning?

    • No, nothing is burning but the real wood of the pins is burnt. Laser etching is a precise burn on the surface of the wood. It literally chars the wood off/down. I take a dry brush and clean off the loose soot that may accumulate before packaging up the pins. You can clean the rest off if you’d like a more monotone/lower contrast look.
  • What is that white stuff on the back of the pin?

    • **UPDATED** – I’ve switched to E6000, a well known and trusted jeweler’s adhesive. It doesn’t expand and leave white foamy matter, but some of my old pins in stock still have the old glue that did, ergo, the remaining info is still here.***/UPDATED***The adhesive used to attach the tie back pins to the back of the wood face expands quite a bit. When it does, it can sometimes leak out the back & sides. These pins are assembled by hand, this is includes applying the glue. Sometimes a little more is used than needed and that’s when you get excess escaping out the bottom of the pin tie back.
  • Is the adhesive safe for use?

    • Yes, once cured, the adhesive is non toxic, 100% waterproof, and safe for skin.
  • How long does it take to cure?

    • 24hrs. Chances are the adhesive has cured for much longer than that before you get the pin.
  • I have an idea for a pin, can you make custom pins?

    • Yes, reach out via the contact page and we can discuss a custom order.
  • Do you do anything other than pins?
    • Yes, I’ve done leather coasters, engraved drinking glasses, metal water bottles, leather wallets, metal tins, and even wooden challenge coins. Feel free to ask for a custom piece via my contact page.