King Kai’s Kanji

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You don’t have to travel six months along Snake Way to get your hands on this Kin Kai inspired pin!

Details about the pin:

  • 1.375in Diameter
  • Made of Unfinished Alder wood.
  • 10mm Brass Tie Tacks w/Clutch, Nickel Plated
  • Made in Colorado
  • Will not take your power level over 9000, sorry.

For safety reasons, do not wear during activities that could result in the pin being pushed into your body.

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2 reviews for King Kai’s Kanji

  1. MileHighZFighter

    I got my King Kai pop cult pin and I love it! It’s very well crafted and is truly a work of art! The very first of a big collection I hope to have one day. I’m a happy Z fighter and will definitely come back for more!

  2. Sergggu

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