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Get The Newest Pins For Less

Get The Newest Pins For Less

Find out how you can save money with presales!

Presales are a way to gauge interest in new pins/subject matter. They are also a great way for you to get the latest PopCultPin at a discounted rate! I use a mock up of what the new pin will look like to show anyone looking what the pin will look like, without spending the time and material to make one to begin with. Then I put the design up for sale at a discount to see if people want the pin made. If I get orders on the presale,then I make the pins. Once made and ready to ship, I snap pictures for my store(s) and take the pin out of presale and sell it at the normal price.

New Designs & Subjects

I like a lot of stuff. Star Wars, Transformers, Video Games, and so much more. I know a lot of you out there share my love of many different things. I’m always working on new designs from different fandoms. Not to mention, I’d love to hear what you guys want. Don’t forget, I’ve got a contact page!

Save money!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Save 33% off the cost of a new pin by buying it on presale…

Pay $10 instead of $15

Not to mention you get it before anyone else! You can still choose from any of my available wood options. The assembly is the same, so it’s just as meticulously hand assembled as all of my other pins, but you pay less!

So what am I looking at?

I started doing mock ups of what the pins would look like for a couple of my custom orders before actually going to the laser. It saves time and materials and I can fine tune the design ahead of time. I use photoshop and my education and experience to create a picture that is as close to the real thing as possible. So you’ll see a very good representation of what the final piece will look like. Maybe not the exact same species of wood, but you’ll get an idea for where things are engraved and not.

What’s the catch?

Three little words: Limited Time Only! Yeah, you knew that was coming. The presale is only as long as it takes for someone to buy a pin. So it might be a few days, it could be a whole month or even a year! I’ll leave a design as a presale until someone buys one. Then, once I make the pin, I’ll have real pictures of the piece and the price will go back up to full price. So, if a bunch of people buy the pin before I get them made, well then that’s a lot of lucky people who bought a popular pin AND at a discount!