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PopCultPins on the Back When We Were Interesting Podcast

PopCultPins on the Back When We Were Interesting Podcast

Denver Comic Con 2015 was pretty good to me. I sat down with the guys with the Back When We Were Interesting Podcast. Was interviewed by 2 guys, we talked about why/how I started making pins. We went a bit more in depth as to what I want to get out of PopCultPins as well as the future of the company. Take a full listen below.

Quick Podcast Recap:

  • Starting up my own company
  • @SortaGeek <3 him some pins
  • @303_Ninja was also there, not a huge pin fanatic, but kewl.
  • Laid Off, decided to go balls deep on starting a business
  • Found someone else with a laser, no goin back
  • I have no shame
  • My son is awesome
  • I <3 me some Firefly
  • Made custom pins for @JewelStaite & @Alan_Tudyk
  • Got my pins in their hands
  • No pix as of yet
  • This stuff looks great
  • Time varies on design
  • I got zen once
  • Meditation mazes are hard
  • I play old school mario from time to time
  • Geek/Nerd Lifestyle Accessory Brand
    • Water Bottles
    • Wallets
    • Drinking Glasses
    • Shot Glasses
    • More
  • Non-Wow Playing guy feels awkward
  • I do custom pieces
  • and much more, gotta listen to the whole thing!


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