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PopCultPins on ReelNerds Podcast

PopCultPins on ReelNerds Podcast

While at Denver Comic Con 2015, I had the pleasure to sit down and speak with the nerds at REEL NERDS about my little company. First time putting my pins in front of people I’d consider my target market. The 12min interview went great. I had a lot of fun speaking with Ryan and the other guys of REEL NERDS. I hope this is the 1st of many interviews I get to do. Take a listen to the interview below…


What’d REEL NERDS & PopCultPins learn from the interview?

  • I’m just getting started making pop culture themed hat pins
  • The pins are made of/with wood & lasers
  • The laser is precise
  • I’m a graphic designer by trade
  • I’m old, grew up in the 80’s
  • I said “heck”
  • My son is pretty cool
  • Some geek/nerd out there is into what I am
  • Don’t nobody wanna be miserable
  • I has a website
  • I’ll be at cons
  • Rocky Mountain Con is awesome
  • Aurora Rise is awesome
  • The pins are $15/each
  • I’m still figuring this out myself
  • Student loans suck
  • I need to read more comic books & graphic novels
  • I <3 Back to the Future
  • Did I just say “Tough Titty Toenails?!” WTF?!
  • Someone needs to get punched in the face
  • Calvin Klein
  • I play WoW, err, used to anyway
  • Kids, enough said
  • Nerdom is hereditary
  • I’m on the internet of things
  • It took longer than a week or two to finish my site.
AJ of PopCultPins
AJ of PopCultPins, photo: REEL NERDS
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